Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J. BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J Bellezza
Thoams J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza

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Thomas J Bellezza


Thomas J Bellezza Vote Thomas J Bellezza for President!

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I am a republican democrat liberal from a very exclusive independent party known as "We Can If You Let Me Can" That's right "We can if you let me can!" and I will can, if you vote me in as your President of these United States of America!

A person's strength is limited as one, until the power of many come together.

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Thomas J Bellezza16) Immigration: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" This obviously needs an asterisk. It should say unless you come here after 1802 [The Naturalization Law of 1802 repealed the Naturalization Act of 1798. The Fourteenth Amendment, passed in 1868, protects children born in the United States. The act excluded Chinese laborers from immigrating to the United States for ten years and was the first immigration law passed by Congress.] Of course by the 1990's things were starting to look up. Of, you're reading this not knowing that law was a thing? Yeah, Americans hated a lot of non-white people. Which is crazy, because of the "people" part of non-white people. See, we are all people. A lot of why we have these laws is because of a fear they will "kill us" and that is all fine and dandy, but the truth is, people kill people. The influence of their race is limited by the variables of how mentally disturbed they are or fanatical. My goal is to figure out a way to destroy prejudice against those who need a place to live. This will take a team of specialists to help guide and organize new laws to best treat people like people and yet protect the masses. There is no political way to bring this subject up without hate coming into it from ignorant people. My goal is to approach it like a person seeing people.

Thomas J Bellezza15) Foreign Relations: Our neighbors are important to us. What if we want to borrow sugar or something? I mean, we're not really borrowing sugar because we use it. More like, "can I have some sugar?" ... alright, that comes off like someone is hitting on the neighbor. What I am trying... okay, see... alright let me start over. The goal of our Foreign Relationships is to make it easier for us to ask to utilize their commodities, resources, and also allow us to go over there to like Barbados and enjoy their beaches. Or if we want to go out of the country to Puerto Rico - um, it has come to my attention that Puerto Rico is already a part of America. Man, imagine I was the President of the United States and acted in an effort to treat them as if it were not!? Man, I would feel pretty stupid. ORGANGE you glad I am not? Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, let us make relationships happen and stuff.

Thomas J Bellezza14) Health Care: It's the responsibility of a nation to give its people longevity to hopefully see them inspire life. You know, a healthy mind can create design. And why would we want our people sick all the time? This rhymes... oddly I can't hear, the things that are said to me when it comes to counter debates about nothing that relates to health care for a select few because let's be true, everyone deserves something for their flu. Alright, basically what I am saying is I will work to give universal health care for everyone. However, if you oppose this, then you don't have to pay taxes to give toward the health care. And thus you'll have to pay a crap load for insurance because that's what insurance company's do. Our people can give as they want but you only receive if you give. And if you think a colonoscopy is fun when you have to pay for it!?

Thomas J Bellezza13) Marriage: This whole gay marriage thing seems to still be a topic. I will fight to silence the stupidity of this argument. I mean, really, what is the discussion even about? People are people. If they want to get married then they should have the right to make sure the sex stops because marriage is the killer of sex. If anything, doesn't marriage sort of also help promote the whole sexual abstinence fight too? Look, if you want to marry a goat, marry a damn goat. As long as no one is hurting anyone, and the goat also is okay with it... we'll have to figure out where Dr. Dolittle is living nowadays, but... where was I? Oh, yes... goat milk is tasty, no wait... sexual abstinence... wow, wait a minute, I am way off topic. Why would anyone not want to have sex anymore, oh that's right people want to get married. The rule should be this, leave people alone. Let love be love and if they want the whole handfasting thing, marriage, or what-have-you, then let people do it. I am going to make it legal for people to marry whoever they want with consent from both adult parties. Also there will be a law in place that says you can marry more than one person for those poly people and a follow up law saying they can't bother us if the sex stops. As my father always told me “Frank, I mean, Angelo... I mean Thomas, don't talk to women or kids cause women will give you gives.” I really have no idea what that has to do with anything, but you did chuckle.

Thomas J Bellezza12) Kids Or Something: Kids are wonderful, but not for people who have no money. Children destroy the poor and those in a financial problem. We feel here in camp 'We Can If You Let Me Can' that people shouldn't have children if you can't afford to live on your own, or with your partner. What you do deserve is this; Education. That's right, we believe education will change your world. We want to open programs for unprivileged individuals. Programs that will educate people on how to budget, control their finances We want free classes on how money works. More important, we believe in having a sponsor at a bank to help give out an allowance of your money based on a reasonable budget created to maintain a steady sense of living. This is only the beginning of changing what needs to be change.

Thomas J Bellezza11) Life-ish: Pro choice, but not like you're thinking. Pro Choice for the life you want. Everyone deserves opportunity. If you want to be an athlete, an artist, doctor, teacher, or anything in the world, you deserve it. So what I plan on doing with my presidency will be to create 'entry one'. Entry One is where top companies must allow internships, with pay, for any person to try out that job for three months. At which time, they can hirer you, or you could move on. Now, there will be a limited amount of positions per quarter, but it is an important aspect of growing our community.

10) Energy: Energy. It helps us get through the day. Be it for our bodies or for the electricity around us. I noticed we have a lot of big parking lots. With lots of cars. The cars are fine, but that space... Whole Foods has Solar Panels and some places have windmills! So smart. Why not let the smart ones be thanked? I will fight to get major companies to place Solar Panels on their massive Parking Lots, and little windmills if they would like. By doing so, they will get a nice Tax break each year... WHY!? Because they are bringing the power bills down and helping clean up our Earth. Think about that for two, maybe three days, and say to yourself afterwards... WE CAN IF YOU LET ME CAN, vote for Thomas J. Bellezza!

Thomas J Bellezza9) War: War seems to be something the world is interested in not, but at the same to... in, being a part of. So, this is what I am going to do. I will make sure to actively have a very small ten to twenty soldier war going on in Nevada. War on two fronts, but really only one front. Our front. There is a war going on in America is it? So, the war is violence and persecution. Let it be known, I will sentence people to a small island off the coast of, well somewhere, I will figure it out, and that will become the next Australia. Over the years it will create some of the hottest people in the world. I mean, have you seen the people of Australia? They are hot, like, DAMN hot! So, a war here against people of violence and law breaking citizens and maybe some other little wars around the world. But not for Oil, okay, a little for the oil, but mostly for the relationships. Yeah, so... okay I will get back to you on this one.

Thomas J Bellezza8) I Stand (Unless my feet hurt): There is no way I will ever flip or flop on a subject matter unless of course that subject matter is brought to my attention by no less than six masterful experts in that particular field who are capable of articulating a specific presentation to me and my staff that allows us to make a completely competent and educated judgment call on how we decided to move forward with this new information. At which time we will all play one game of solitaire alone while mulling over what was given to us in an in depth lecture where really smart people stood at a lectern and gave it to us good and hard. Once this process has happen then, and only then, if and only if, all new knowledge is accepted in kind by each staff member and unanimously we all agree to acclimate said teachings into our lifestyle... then, and only then will I flip or flop on any subject matter I had once agreed or disagreed with.

Thomas J Bellezza7) Justice: I promise to push a law that allows us to have one waved/free stab at any legally accused stupid person. The stab can't be fatal, and must be in the presents of a legal representative along with ten cameras to film said event for pay per view. That money will go towards our national dept and other expenses. Yes, you don't like paying taxes for “nothing”, so why not get a two fold out of it. You pay for entertainment that leads to government spending solutions!!! and two... Stupid people are placed on TV so the world can know the truth about how stupid you truly are. If that stupid person continues to be stupid and interact accordingly to the “Stupid people laws”, than they are banished to Antarctica for no longer than life!

Thomas J Bellezza6) Truth Balls: I promise the world will be a better place, for you... and me... You just wait and see... Through bringing in truth balls. If you hold onto a truth ball you won't have to be accountable for what your true feelings/thoughts are. Though, you will have to clean the ball when you are done, and most people might not like you after saying some pretty insane things. But don't let that stop you from letting people have the truth. So, with that said, I promise to always hold these balls while talking to you the public.

5) Government: I promise to have one meeting a month with the public so they can tell me what it is bothers them. I also include in this decree that I probably won't be able to do anything about it since the President only has these following powers: Line item Veto Act, Commander-in-chief, Administrative Powers, Juridical Powers, Legislative Facilitator and Ceremonial Roles. But I will listen intently and show you how to utilize our Governments resources to take care of your important issues. IMPORTANT ISSUES, not selfish ones... like “I want a home”. Everyone wants a home. Work for that home, put some effort into it. Just getting never brings you inner strength.

Thomas J Bellezza4) Education: I promise to push free education on this great America. Finding understanding through knowledge. So here is a bit of knowledge for all so that all maybe knowledgeable. I will not stand by while kids form more debt to learn about things that a teacher in a college tells them "Okay read page this to this and I will check your test score paper.". Teachers will be paid, but students will learn, that's the goal. A piece of paper should not determine a child's smart tacts. Their ability to utilize gained information, process it then utilize it again, then hear what was said, say a few things while utilizing more information that has been utilized through learning how to utilize. All I am saying is education will be for everyone!

Thomas J Bellezza3) Holidays: I promise that I will eat ice cream at least once a day until the end of my Presidency. In doing so, I will make sure that a special holiday will be dedicated to eating ice cream for our nation. That holiday will grant a paid day off from work, and schools will be closed. It is a day of celebration to us the people of this nation! I will call it; "This world is one nation, and our belly is happy too day.

2) Jobs: I promise to ensure hundreds, if not tens of jobs! Not so much through my efforts but because people can go out there to get these jobs themselves. Since, realistically speaking, the Government can't give you jobs, based on certain requirements, you must qualify for said position. I will say this; if "we" as a nation spend more money than more opportunities will open up for job interviews.

Thomas J Bellezza1) Taxes: I promise to raise taxes to an unrealistic record height so that when I lower them by a reasonable % you'll all love me even though the taxes are still stupidly high...

Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza


Thomas J Bellezza

"Laughter is the Cure" is a foundation that was started to cure Multiple Sclerosis, or any form of Cancer. All donations get divided equally into a few well known associations. Please feel free to go to these foundations and donate directly to them. Cancel us out as the middle man. The faster they get funding, the sooner we'll see a cure. Peace in harmony

Prevent Cancer Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

American Cancer Society

Thomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J. BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J Bellezza
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